“Muhammad At-Tayieb” Al-Hyari

Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator
I specialize in narrative digital painting, concept art and children's book illustration. www.alhyari.art

Digital Watercolor Portraits | Art Commission

I love taking on art commissions to work outside my comfort zone. It's one of my favorite ways to explore new boundaries and also help people bring their visions into reality.

I'm so glad to have been chosen as the illustrator of Hyper38's team portraits for their new website, https://designdefender.com ― a platform for original architectural design.

Working with digital watercolors outside the children's book sphere is a first for me, but it turned out beautifully in this project.

To go with Design Defender's clean and modern look, and help set it apart from other players in this space with a cohesive visual identity, the illustrations began as realistic drawings that I later stylized with digital watercolor in dark tones.

I'm happy about the results. I hope you like them as well! Check them out on the website's About page: https://designdefender.com/about.

These artworks were painted digitally in Procreate for iPad Pro.


"Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari
Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator | Khobar, Saudi Arabia
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Rainbow View | Children's Book Illustration

Another artwork for Ella the Gorilla, a children's book I've illustrated recently.

The room was built around the character of the protagonist, a she gorilla who loves science.

The details on this page include, amongst what the include, my car plate's number! 🙂

More on my website: https://www.alhyari.art.
I'm also on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alhyari.art 🙂.

Tags: children's book, friends, animals, science, digital art, digital painting, kidlit
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Let's Go to Ella's House | Children's Book Illustration

This is a commissioned illustration for a children's book titled ‘Ella the Gorilla’ by Rama Alshareef and Mawya Alfadda.

Visual development time-lapse video:

The book is the beginning of a STEAM journey, one that will allow kids to discover the joys of reading and listening to ETG's books. The team will utilize the funds raised by ETG's books and upcoming projects to help children worldwide.

Designing the characters was truly fun: Should we use large eyes or only black dots? Why?, What primitive shapes best represent the characters?, How about the scale differences between the Ella and her friend, Lee the bee?

To answer these questions, I had to do a lots of sketches on paper, iPad and even inside my head (that's on Medium in VR!)

This is the earliest sketch I made in Procreate.

More on my website: https://www.alhyari.art.
I'm also on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alhyari.art 🙂.

Tags: children's book, children's book illustration, friends, animals, steam, science, Ella the Gorilla, ETG, sketch, digital art, digital painting

The Cook | Client Work

And she uses no avocado oil! 🙂

More on my website: https://www.alhyari.art.
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Super Mom!

A custom cartoon portrait I made for a client 🙂

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WIP for a Children's Book

Working on it.

This is the clean sketch.

The time-lapse video.

I want to render it more, add facial features and small details of course, add rain and fog around the place, blur the background a little bit, and add the author's text on the top left side to call this spread done :)

Comments and criticism are welcome.

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The Mitchells Vs The Machines is coming to IAMAG Live

Hey all,
I'm looking forward for this one.

How about you? What's your most interesting upcoming live? 🙂

WIP for a Client

This is a WIP for a client. It'll be a key visual for a restaurant and they'll use it for their online portfolio and printed merchandise.

The colors are CMYK. I'll add little more variations, maybe some red.

And I'll make an RGB version with, hopefully, little brighter colors :)

Suggestions for a better result are welcome.

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