2D Artist
Professionnal 2D artist (concepts, illustrations, etc..) working in video game studio


Totally forgot to post it :
Card Illustration made fully made on my TWITCH channel (, for my first DigitalPainting.School contest, "Tales of Leonardus". 

"Brinepest is a creature living in a weird swamp.
She attracts her victims with pheromones released by her back globes. She's vacuums their life energy with her hands and when the body is empty of life ... It's eated by the bottom tentacles.

I learned a lot on this one too !

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Timelapse - 2H Art Challenge

Hey folks !
This is a timelapse of 2 hours sketch I did on my Twitch channel (​) with many challenges given by the viewers during the live (draw with the wrong hand, without my glasses, with just one color, while singing, etc...) on a theme that I didn't know before.
The theme "Abyss" was given by Jahwa_ (​) during his "Time zup" night and I had 2hours to do something with it !

If you have any question, feedback, recommandation, feel free to ask/talk in the comments ! Videos are quite new for me 🙂
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Tried some new technics yesterday and did this scifi piece I kinda like 🙂
What do you think about it ?

Instagram :
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Hey ! Sup' ? :)

Hey everyone !
My name is Gautier (aka Got'), half french half belgian and I'm professionnal Junior 2D artist (concepts and illustrations). Still weird to say that actually because it has always been a dream and I was finally hired by a Scottish video game studio 5months ago.

Recently I also launch my Twitch channel where I have fun creating some stuff and interracting with people (

Also, a huge fan of cheeses and beers.
Cheers all !
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Frozen Swamp Study

Let's try here :)
Study I made yesterday on my Twitch channel ( to try to understand the mess of a swamp and the colors when this one is frozen.
I made that for a big incomming personnal project.

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