2D Artist
Professionnal 2D artist (concepts, illustrations, etc..) working in video game studio

Timelapse - 2H Art Challenge

Hey folks !
This is a timelapse of 2 hours sketch I did on my Twitch channel (​) with many challenges given by the viewers during the live (draw with the wrong hand, without my glasses, with just one color, while singing, etc...) on a theme that I didn't know before.
The theme "Abyss" was given by Jahwa_ (​) during his "Time zup" night and I had 2hours to do something with it !

If you have any question, feedback, recommandation, feel free to ask/talk in the comments ! Videos are quite new for me 🙂

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Tried some new technics yesterday and did this scifi piece I kinda like 🙂
What do you think about it ?

Instagram :
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Hey ! Sup' ? :)

Hey everyone !
My name is Gautier (aka Got'), half french half belgian and I'm professionnal Junior 2D artist (concepts and illustrations). Still weird to say that actually because it has always been a dream and I was finally hired by a Scottish video game studio 5months ago.

Recently I also launch my Twitch channel where I have fun creating some stuff and interracting with people (

Also, a huge fan of cheeses and beers.
Cheers all !

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Frozen Swamp Study

Let's try here :)
Study I made yesterday on my Twitch channel ( to try to understand the mess of a swamp and the colors when this one is frozen.
I made that for a big incomming personnal project.

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