Heida Rafnsdottir

Concept artist and visual developer
Hi. I'm a concept artist, visual developer and illustrator working in game development in Iceland. I'm an avid enthusiast about art in games, films and animation.

wondering about drawing screen size

Hi everyone!
I'd like to ask the community if you have any tips or thoughts about drawing screens. I have to getย  a new one soon and have been using a Cintiq Pro 16". It was great to get a drawing screen at first but now I feel it is too small and I need more screen space. What type of equipment are you using for your art? Does the size of screen space factor in to how you manage your work? I'm mainly thinking how big I'd have to go....ย 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.ย 

Hey everyone!

I'm Heida and work as a concept artist with a game developer in Iceland on a new rpg based on Icelandic history and folklore. I also illustrate books on occasion and draw and paint for fun when I'm not taking care of my family. I worked in another career for over 13 years before deciding to follow this dream and hope I will be able to continue working in this field for the rest of my career. Nature is a huge source of inspiration, humor and also all art in games, films and animation.ย 

It's lovely to meet you all and I am very excited about being a member of this community.

Greetings from the land of ice and fire

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