Nikola Angelkoski

Matte Painter @ Platige Image
I am a Concept Artist/Matte Painter with 5 years experience in environments and conceptual design. My primary software's are Blender, Photoshop, Nuke and Quixel.

Depths of Asashi

Hello Everyone!
Here are some story keyframes I did for my personal project "Depths of Asashi". I optimized alot of projection techniques inside blender as well as some materials using quxel bridge.
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Evolution 169

Some concepts i developed as part of the article I wrote at on How to create Key-frame Concept Art.
Link to article:

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Barren Lands

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Construct 42 - CGI Short Film


At the final days of Earth, humanity seeks out to find the next habitable planet using unisex sentient beings called “Constructs”.
CONSTRUCT 42 is a Sci Fi CGI Short Film that draws heavy inspirations from Westworld, Alien, Ghost in the Shell and Akira.
Directed by:
Nikola Angelkoski
Voice Actors:
Kristina Taseva
Aleksandar Aleksovski
Editing by:
Zharko Jurukov
Music by:
Bojan Senkovski
Mihajlo Vuković 
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