Emilio Di Pietro

Freelance Concept Environment Artist
No better time spent than drawing, painting, 3D modelling and generally being creative.

Dock E 62Dock E 62 An exercise in lighting

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District 885 - The edge of darkness

District 885 - The edge of darkness

I winter to look at using light as another focal point of interest and narrative 

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Relic Hunter

A New Discovery - Relic hunter
Always been a fan of Tomb Raider - this project looked at how to frame an environment with a foreground object.
I was also interested in creating a high contrast between foreground and background to provide the onlooker with a need to venture into the scene - how did it work?

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Scarab Invasion - Strange New Worlds

final artwork

Substance Painter
3dsmax model

Sketch - SketchbookPro 

- Last man standing (I say standing, but he has just been zapped!) 
I did this artwork as part of a demonstration to students and enjoyed demonstrating the ease and flexibility of 3DSMax in creating unusual shapes. It’s important they enter challenges to keep up their skills and to improve their portfolios. Normally a draw towards hard surface modeling using this software, however, I was keen to show how versatile it can be in creating more organic-looking objects using the various suite of tools. 
Poly count: 375 Poly 
The model comprised mainly of a decorated sphere which I stretched, flattened, bent, and tweaked to place around the mech-insect, which cut down on workflow and gave the insect continuity in its design.
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Hi fellow artists - nice to meet you - Scarab Invasion - Last man standing

Hi fellow artists - I am new to this gathering. I’m a freelance Concept environment artist. Some great inspirational art here - great stuff!

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Scarab Invaders - Last man standing

Strange New Worlds - Scarab Invaders - Last man standing (I say standing, but he has just been zapped!) 

After the initial concept art I created the model in 3DSMax and then with a quick UVUnwrap, exported to Substance Painter. I used Unreal Engine to construct a diarama for the characters. I used Miami for the human character, posed and imported to unreal as a static model. I took a render key shot considering composition and them used SketchbookPro on my iPad to painting over the rendered image. I used overlay transparencies created in Photoshop, which I used to enhance elements of the image.

Substance Painter for the model painting

3DSMax max for the modelling

SketchbookPro Final Artwork

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