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Temples of Naiades

This is my entry for The event of Raphael Lacoste : "Worlds" challenge.
I was already familiar with Raphael's work but I took advantage of this event to get inspired, study his work and make an image for the challenge.

I wanted to create a World where water is the main element and where you can see that the civilization is living in harmony. I didn't want to use too much high-tech but just enough to think that this civilization is more advanced and soft shapes to have more of an organic look.

It took me quite a lot of time to make this image lol

These are temples for the creatures populating this area, I called them Naiades and the character in the picture is supposed to be a stranger on this planet. He has finally find a place to meet them and is going to have his first contact with them.

Good luck to everyone!
I'm glad to be part of this community, Peace!✌️

Final Image




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Subterranean exploration

Soldier exploring mysterious cave, he doesn't know what will be ahead but neither do I ..haha but I wanted to build an image with tension and mystery.

Process GIF

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