Santa Norvaisaite

Concept Artist and Illustrator
I'm a concept artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, with experience working on video games, movies, and other creative projects.

The Sorceress

Some artworks from my personal project! 😃
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Dahae Calais

Hello! :) 

I'm sharing some environment concept designs for a personal project that I'm slowly developing in my free time.
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Night Sails

A painting that I made in between work some time ago. Inspired by master paintings. 😃

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The Wetlands of Dahae

An artwork that I made for a personal project! I'm still developing the whole story but enjoying exploring the ideas and moods. :)  
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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the week! 
I'm happy to join the community!! 😀 I look forward to sharing some of my work here and meet other artists!!🤩
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