Concept artist
Hello everyone, I'm 29 and I'm a freelance, studying concept art and illustration

Morning crossing by boat

Hello guys, this is my entry for the challenge. This is an IP about scientist who are looking for an old temple in arctic. They just start their journey. I tried to convey two opposites ideas : it's a cold world but friendly/warm atmosphere at the begining. As time goes by and they progress in their journey it turns into very dark and harsh environment, elements trying to discourage them to find the old temple.

I tried to mimic Raphael's colors and mood, but its kinda hard :D 
There is no characters, because i quote the master himself, Raphael : "Characters ? I don't care about characters" 😄 I Hope you like it.

I used Blender, Photoshop and Procreate 

WIP and black and white
Other try composition, color and value :

Final Image :

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