Mike Garcia

Concept Artist
Hello, I'm a concept artist just starting in the industry, I love playing videogames ang designing for them.

Telescreen - 1984 Personal Project

I'm working on a new personal project for my portfolio based on George Orwell's 1984 starting with this prop concept design for the telescreen. what do you guys think?
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Concept Design Porfolio

Hi guys!

So, here is my portfolio. A little bit of background, I'm a mostly self taught concept artist from Mexico, I'm really early in my career so I've only had a few gigs here and there, my goals is to work for the videogame industry, I love to design not only with aesthetics in mind but also thinking about how to communicate things to spectators and players, I'm currently working on a videogame passion project and I'm learning a lot  about that kind of stuff  which has made me realize how much stuff I could improve in this portfolio, so I hope I can share some more ne work with you soon.

so what do you guys think? at the moment it doesn't occur to me any specific feedback to ask you, but any comments, suggestions or question you have , share it with me, I would love to read what do you all think about my work so far.

Is Fiverr good for Concept Art?

Hi guys!

So, I'm at the very early stage of my concept art career, I've been working freelance but I've only had a few jobs here and there and nothing rally big or long term. 

Before concept art I did some freelance graphic design and I actually used Fiverr for that and the work load was much more consistent and manageable, so, i was thinking on going back to it for concept art but I don't know if that would be a viable business model for it, specially regarding the iterative nature of concept art work. 

Also, I think it goes without saying, the fact that at this point Fiverr has become the YouTube meme for cheap content, which leads me to think that it may not have the best client base.

But what do you guy's think? Is it worth the shot? Do any of you use Fiverr? or what other advice would you give a beginner freelance concept artist to deal with networking and building a client base? I would love to read your opinions!

Have a great one!!

The Surgeon's Photograph - Vehicle Design

Hey guys!
Here is some work i did for a personal project based on the history behind the famous Loch Ness monster Photograph "The Surgeon's Photograph" This is a concept for the motor launch where Marmaduke Wetherell (a hunter hired by the Daily Mail to hunt the monster) stayed when searching for the monster. It was really tricky to figure out this design, because I only managed to find one source where the boat was kind of visible, so I had to research a lot on this types of vessels and design it in a way that resembled the parts that where visible in the footage and that could accommodate the narrative elements I was looking for.
So what do you guys thin? Feel free to ask any questions or give me notes or feedback.
Here is more work from that project: https://www.artstation.com/taomike/albums/3226114
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Hi everyone, My name is Mike, I'm a concept artist from Mexico. Can't wait to see all your guys' work See you soon!!!
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