Isis Sousa

AD, Concept Artist, Painter
I am a Concept Artist and Painter across multiple industries, such as films, games and CG Software & Technology

A Surprising World - Drawing

Hi everyone! It has been ages since I've been able to post anything! This is a small, fun whimsical drawing I did using all NEW Software and Pen-Tablet! Guess which ones? ;-) I will reveal more about it on Thursday, in a short video with a time-lapse of this drawing! Stay tuned! 

It is done within the IAMAG Challenge theme! If you haven't participate yet, you have until 31st June to do so! Good luck! :-)
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SILK book cover

A few years back I decided to post only my personal art online. But now I am considering to show some commercial stuff, when it is not under NDA (most of my work!)...
here is a recent cover for a sci-fi romance book. :-)
It will be published in some months, but the author did a cover reveal.

I used basically airbrushes, with a few particle brushes + a blender on Painter.
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Study of Cardinal Richelieu

A study of Cardinal Richelieu I did last Autumn.
1 brush: Blocky Background (Sargent set) on Painter 2021.

If you'd like to learn a SIMPLER VERSION of this technique, you can check out Class 7 on the Sargent Brushes Master Couse here a IAMAG :-)

If you don't use Painter, you can download a free trial or simply benefit of the universal art principles of the classes, that can be used on any software.

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Happy to have this new community space back!

I am so happy that IAMAG has designed this community space/forum for us!
I feel that it was a missing piece for a while!
I love the space, very easy to fuel art and related discussions, learning and share what really matters!

As for me, I currently do Art Direction / Visual Development / Concept Art for independent films/projects and I have a secret role in the CG Software & Technology Industry. I have background as illustrator, marketing artist and graphic designer.

I know some of you in person, and I hope when the pandemic is over to meet both the old and new folks here :-)

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