Daniel Passot

Concept artist
Hello everyone! I am a freelance concept artist and a guinea pig cuddler. I like going at the gym on deadlift days and chatting around a nice cup of coffee.

Up the clouds

Hello everyone, so I had this idea of doing an environment and before attacking the final one (high res, full detail, etc..) I wanted to test some color palette, but now I'm stuck and I don't know which one to choose (I love them all haha). Any feedback/critique/help is very welcome.

Story part: It's a hidden world up in the sky/clouds and we can see its guardian flying throught these huge pillars to check on the little cloud spirits and everything around.

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Hello guys, I am a freelance concept artist from La Réunion island, I mainly do characters but I want to try more environment pieces. I really didn't expect this invite but I'm glad I joined in. Excited to learn, share and connect with you all!!
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