Mao Mornity

Digital artist / Instructor
Hello I'm Fabien Brochard aka Mao Mornity, French freelance digital artist making concepts, animations and experiences for games, movies, companies, and people, using VR, 3D or 2D works.

Dark Moon

Hey gals and guys.

Finally found a bit of time to make a personnal sci-fi piece these last days. it has been so long since the last one.
Watching The Expanse season 5 so inspiration may come a bit from there.

3D base Blender eevee, overpainted and grading on Photoshop, video edit in DaVinci Resolve.

Here is: Dark Moon

And a really short animation just for fun as the 3D base could handle it:

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Helm's Deep

Hello everyone.

Made this artwork inspired by the battle of Helm's Deep in Lord of the Ring as a fantasy submission for a challenge I launched.

Had fun with it. Base is a 3D render out of Blender Eevee, and the overpainted in Photoshop.

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Hello everyone.

Happy to join here. 

I'm Fabien aka Mao Mornity, French frelance digital artist. I make concept art, 3D animations and VFX and VR immersive content, and also instructor in several schools.
I worked mainly for film companies, but also game and institutional.
I'm inspired by so many people and artists, maybe more sensible when it comes to cinematic illustrations/keyframes.
See you soon ;-) 
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