Helena Mongim Lima

Illustrator, artstation.com/helenamongim
Hey! I'm graduating in Architecture and studying Concept Art and Illustration. Love to paint with my acrylics, travel and do some exercise!

Pyrenees World

Hey guys! This is my entry for the Worlds Challenge. 

I'm Helena, I live in Brazil and I'm almost finishing Architecture and Urbanism college. I love creating and projecting spaces, but I'm looking forward to do it by dedicating my time to Illustration and Concept Art.
I've always admired Lacoste's work due to Assassins's Creed (my favorite franchise since I played ACII) even when I didn't know exactly what were concept art and illustration.
I wanted to do a sci-fi themed piece, referencing some of Lacoste's work (different from AC style and equally amazing), but with a little bit of other elements from his work: castles, archs and beautiful rocks.
The mood that I wanted was a magical world, where gravity doesn't really work, with beautiful colors and some architecture among the clouds.
First, I did some really messy thumbnails, then I cleaned up a little bit and chose one to develop a little more. 
When I got happy with the composition and scheme of values, I did some color studies and chose the one I thought reflected the magical sci-fi world.
After these initial studies, I started painting and defining the image (you can see the process  below). 

Thanks! It's really nice to be able to participate and see other participant's works.
Hope I can be present in future challenges :)

The title is just a reference to Le Chateau de Pyrenees from Magritte.

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