Amateur digital artist

Polar expedition

When I look at Raphael Lacoste's work, the concepts art created for assassin's creed valhalla representing magnificent polar landscapes reminds me of an incredible trip to Greenland in which I had the chance to participate.
So i try to do a polar expedition concept art 😊
It was hard but I learned a lot.

I used (a little part of) two pictures : https://pixabay.com/photos/iceland-drifting-iceberg-steam-1762859/ and https://pixabay.com/photos/cityscape-townscape-buildings-5588736/

The most of the work was made in Procreate and a little bit in Photoshop.

Sorry for the poor quality of the intermediate images... I captured them on the video automatically generated by Procreate...

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Hi! I was (a little bit) active in the discord server of IAMAG and after some month of inactivity I discoverd this community website! Nice work and thank you! See you later!
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