Marcelo Tholozan

Hi there, exited to join the community I'm an architect and and digital art lover from concept art, environment, Matt painting.

Sketchbook page- loose ideas

Hi community, here one page of my sketchbook. I want to develop the sketch of the giant seating on the edge of the cliff into a final piece Vicente Segrelles style and atmosphere. 
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Abu Dhabi 2030

This is an early attempt of a concept that build on the idea that the ozone layer of the atmosphere is gone and UV rays cook everything up, so cities have to take the shape of an umbrella to protect the inhabitans the tilde within the structure 
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Hello to everyone

Hello all, thanks Patrice for inviting me, I'm exited to join this community, my first ever actually. I'm an architect by profession and love drawing, sci-fi, concept art in general. My dream is to become a full time artist one day but time is against me as I'm already 50 years old although feel quite young and curious inside. 
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