Juan Alberto Gonzalez Galan

General Artist, jagoska.com
Hi, I am a general artist. I can do a bit of everything. I have learned Art, Game Design/Development, but I forgot everything and didn't practice enough. I like to make games or dream with that. I will try to learn something from the masters :)

Hi Artist around the World!!

Hola! from Hamburg north Germany!!

I am currently home-working on a PlantsVsZombies udemy/game/tutorial.
I want to have a secondary mini-portfolio where I made some games.

And how I am unemployed right now, I will try to focus on two things one is my hobby (make games). And the other try to improve my art skills, in concept art, 3d modelling/sculpting or whatever (EVERYTHING).... :)Β 

I will learn a lot from all you
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