Freelance CG Artist
Hi everyone! I'm a self-taught artist experienced with a wide variety of skills. Constantly working on improving myself as a professional


Created a couple of keyframes for practice storytelling and atmosphere.
I consider them done, but open for suggestions how to improve :)
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Rocket launch

Tried to create keyframe from photo I took long time ago. 
Something wrong with the silhouettes, distance is not clear and don't know what to do with the left ones - put shadow or just dim them.
Feedback is very welcome :)
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Hello, everyone!
And thanks Patrice for invitation!

My name is Anastasia. During my career I've worked on different kind of casual projects. But finally decided what I want to be a concept artist for movies.

Currently I work as educator in online school and pursuing my art dream in free time.

It's nice to be a part of this community. And I'll be happy to see everybody in person when pandemic is over )
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