Illustrator & Concept artist,
Hi everyone! Nice to meet you! let's talk together about our passions!

Hi everyone!

Thank you Patrice for the Invitation ! I'm glad to join the community, speak and learn together!

My name is Sabrina Tobal, I currently live in Paris, I grew up in the mountains, it was one of my first sources of inspiration, like the stars I used to look at during the beautiful summer nights, besides that, I fell in love with manga/comics, anime, video games (DBZ, City hunter, Thorgal, FF7...), I created my own stories too, and I knew very early that I'd be an illustrator or a manga artist when I'd grow up.ย 

Well, now I'm working like an illustrator and concept artist for board games, vidรฉo games and Role playing games.ย 

I have so much to learn yet, before realise my dream, my childhood dream is to be able to tell stories and bring them to life! That they inspire others as I was inspired by my peers.
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