Oliver Beelaerts van Blokland

Aspiring Character/Storyboard Artist

Looking for Portfolio Feedback

Hey all, as a recent graduate I don't have a whole lot of experience outside of some freelancing so I would love for any sort of feedback/critique on my portfolio.ย 
ย One thing I am aware of is that it lacks a clear focus.. so if anyone has any tips regarding this specifically it would be a huge help!
ย I am aiming to be a character/storyboard artist (potentially going into visual development later)ย 

https://o-_bvb.artstation.com/ย  orย  https://www.instagram.com/o___bvb/ย 
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Hey all!ย 
I'm an aspiring character/storyboard artist currently living in the south of France. My native language is english but I do speak french as well.ย 
Some of my sources of inspiration are shows like Avatar (both series), too many graphic novels and manga to count, and travel (I was lucky to be raised in a few different countries growing up)
My dream to is to be able to tell stories and help bring them to life!

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