David Dugan

Freelance Artist
Hello! I'm currently working as a freelance concept artist, and I'd love to improve my skills using IAMAG's amazing community.

I'll break the ice

How did you guys find work this last months? Did some of you move from full time to freelance or opposite?

My first post!

This is a piece I did as homework for brainstorm school, what do you guys think?
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Hello everyone! and thank you Patrice for this opportunity! (this feels like something that's gonna' get big!!!! like how art forums worked before but even better).
I'm currently working as a freelancer, trying to get as many projects on concept design as possible. I am also learning at Brainstorm School.
As inspiration I can definitely say IAMAG master classes are one big source of motivation for me (the lives are so great).Β 
My dream is to design worlds that inspire
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