Güner Bölükbasi

Hobby artist
I'm a hobby artist interested in cardesign, conceptart and fanart for games or films

Returning to the city

I am always fascinated by the artworks of Raphael Lacoste. This artwork was inspired by the many snowy landscape artworks of Mr. Lacoste which i really love. Here i combined the snowy mountain landscapes with a old anatolian city and it's huge entrance (seldjuk architecture)

I used only photoshop and 2D images for photobashing.

I hope you like it🙂, as i am only a hobby artist and don't have any concept art education. But as i said above, i really love the artworks of Mr. Lacoste and because of his artworks, especially the ones for assassins creed, i began to make concept art😃.







Final artwork:

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